Urgent Advisory: An individual alleging to be "Kevin Jones" has been signing up for accounts fraudulently under the name "sinAsylum Corporation" and "WeekendRUSH.com".
This person has also been using our website addresses as their own websites. An example would be "weekendrush.com".
Please do not approve this account and please contact us with any details you may have.
Many have already done so and this has been very helpful in establishing the patterns of this individual.
We have opened an investigation into this matter with the authorities. -  Legal Dept. Mar, 9th 2007

Mission & Values

AdSpotter Network About Us
WeekendRUSH is owned and operated by sinAsylum Interactive Media, a division of sinAsylum Corporation. sinAsylum, based in the United States of America, operates a network of global services and businesses.

sinAsylum companies empower their clients with an extensive offering of online services creating a more useful and productive Internet experience. Customers include both businesses and consumers. WeekendRUSH and it's network of websites are  powered by the sinAsylum Internet Group (sig), with core functions in Internet Operations. To learn more about sinAsylum and the sinAsylum Internet Group please visit www.sinasylum.com.

About Our Sites & Services
WeekendRUSH is the face of every person on the go! Converting the Internet experience from average to excellent, by delivering both pleasure and savings 24/7! With consumer services ranging from real estate to comparison shopping, consumers are provided with helpful guides to making important decisions in life. WeekendRUSH business solutions include research and marketing tools, as well as interactive services that help companies effectively operate on a budget.

Also included in the WeekendRUSH family are a group of free services including it's popular free email service "RUSHMail", WeekendRUSH Local, featuring over 39,000 city guides, yellow pages, maps & directions, weather, news and other localized content.

From personals to careers, home & living, families and businesses can find everything in one place:  WeekendRUSH.com.

Our Story
WeekendRUSH originated as an online community/hub to display sinAsylum online services from a broad range of websites in one place. Within the first year it evolved into a full-scale portal, featuring content from many other websites and services, outside of the sinAsylum family.

The second major phase in WeekendRUSH's evolution was the addition of WeekendRUSH Search. The search engine features results from 14 of the web's leading search engines, easily searched with one click. WeekendRUSH Search allows users to easily access information from major news sources, web links, images, audio files, local information, videos, product pricing and availability, travel accommodations, and users can even track flights in real-time; not to mention the more than  25 other search tools. The service is also customizable to your likings, including but not limited to results by language, country, source, topic, relevance, date, etc.

WeekendRUSH has continued to expand its offerings to include more useful content that is used daily by users around the globe.

Our Vision
WeekendRUSH's vision is what sets it apart from other websites like it. Our goal is to reach unprecedented levels of users with rich-and-useful-content, providing them with easy access to information from a wide-range of networks and content providers. Not only focusing on internal brands, but grouping and organizing the world's best information, web content and services in one place.

We want to impact our users with an end result that makes their lives more organized, productive and useful; without taking up all of their time. People simply want to do more things that take less time, requiring fewer steps, creating more time for other important things in life. The WeekendRUSH experience is 'Convenience in a click™ - The World's Home Page'.™